Mid-Wales Axe Racing Team
  • Welsh Axemen 2015 Welsh Axemen 2015
  • Standing Block Standing Block - Knighton Show
  • Chainsaw Chainsaw - Cutting through lengths of timber (using Axe or Saw) in the fastest time
  • Underhand Chop Underhand Chop - Cut through a length of timber in the fastest time.
  • Welsh Axemen Welsh Axemen
  • Crosscut sawing Crosscut sawing - Traditional cross cut sawing, requiring 2 men, races the modern day chainsaw.
  • Tree Climb Tree Climb - Scale a "tree" using boards inserted into notches, then cut top off.

About Welsh Axemen

Who are we?

As an Axe Racing Club we have been going over 30 years (since an Australian Touring Club visited the Royal Welsh Show in 1976). Although centered around Mid-Wales & The Borders we present Displays and participate in championships at Shows throughout the UK. No show is too big or small, we can adjust to meet the need. Ideally a ring should be no less than 25m square. Teams average 5 Axemen (or even 30+ for the big shows!).

New members

Would you like to try Axe Racing?

We run regular training sessions throughout the year - please contact us if you are interested. If distance is a problem we may be able to put you in touch with a Club nearer you.

Contrary to expectation, Axe Racing is not all about strength. Yes you need to be fit (and lift an axe), but speed, accuracy, and cut pattern is more important - and this can be learned.